So before I went to do my work experience on Mike Ball (guess what the next post is going to be about), I took Carl's suggestion and flew up to Cairns a few days early with David for a little relaxation time. Unfortunately it was cloudy most of the time and even rained a bit 

Part of the internship I paid for included the 25 certifications I needed to get my full MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Trainer) certification. This allows me to train somebody from a new diver all the way up to a Master Scuba Diver. The Master Scuba Diver is Open Water Diver + 5 specialties. By the time this is over, I'll have more than 5 I can train just based on the stuff I've done on my own.

So the IDC started out as a relatively stressful time. It's more about the unknown than being scared of the information. I've been working as a Divemaster at Crazy Scuba in Dallas for a little over a year now, just not as much as I'd like with all my elective surgeries. Carl made the IDC fun and over-prepared us for sure. I heard throughout the IDC that he grades harder than the examiner would so that by the time we get there everything would be second-nature.

Ah yes...the unpaid internship. Or in my case, the internship I paid for  I had read about these online, and never really understood them until now. Basically they combine all of the fees involved that you would normally pay out of pocket into one lump sum. In my case, that includes accommodations, PADI fees, and a few other things relating to a work experience trip up to the great barrier reef. This has been an interesting few weeks.


So my first priority after getting to the hotel was to get a SIM chip for my phone so I could use Google Maps to find my way around town, and so I had a local number to give people. I asked Devlin for a recommended carrier because I needed it to be cheap since I won't have income until at least September. I ended up going with Amaysim, which offers unlimited Australian calls and texts and 4GB of "3G" data. I say put 3G in " because Australian 3G is U.S. it's not all that bad actually. And for $40AUD/month, it's affordable.